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Toxic Ruin, All Out Mutiny, Thin The Herd, ALL KINGS FALL, ARONIOUS, OF THE EARTH

Sat · October 6, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)


This event is 21 and over

For the past decade, Green Bay based death metallers Micawber have held onto a steadfast DIY work ethic. They’ve self-released two full length albums and three EPs and have completed 25 tours throughout North America and Europe, supporting Sepultura, Vader, Vital Remains and Internal Bleeding to name a few as well as appeared at countless metal festivals. 2018 will see them join forces with Prosthetic Records on the release of their third album, Beyond The Reach Of Flame, due out worldwide on May 25th.

Founding member and vocalist/guitarist, Leighton Thompson comments on the partnership, "Micawber is immensely excited to have signed with Prosthetic Records! We're looking forward to continuing our ventures of shredding, touring, partying and growing while being brought to new horizons by the label that has helped bring forth our favorite releases by bands such as Lamb of God, Gojira, Psycroptic, and Skeletonwitch."

Recorded at Carp Town Studios in Two Rivers, WI by Nick Weyers and Marc Birr; Beyond The Reach Of Flame is a diverse chunk of modern US death metal. Growling vocals, slamming riffs, twin harmonious guitar solos and blast beat drums are the base of all the tracks, but each track has a sprinkling of other metal elements including sludge, black, prog and tech, making Micawber stand head and shoulders above their peers.

Micawber will kick off the Beyond The Reach Of Flame cycle by heading to Europe in March with Internal Bleeding, Fleshgore and Sacrificial Slaughter. Upon returning, they will work on a few promotional videos and be back out on the road this spring. Even with label support, Micawber will do what they do best; trust themselves and rely on no one while making new fans and friends all along the way. They just hope the numbers of each keep increasing along with the beers in each city.
Toxic Ruin
Toxic Ruin
Toxic Ruin is a four piece, original, thrash metal band from the small city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Their sound contains a healthy mixture of thrash, death, and traditional heavy metal, and is only becoming heavier, faster, and more progressive on each release.
Hailing from the eastern shores of Wisconsin, Toxic Ruin only has but a few other names to share the genre with. One name is, the legendary, Morbid St. This makes them a definite staple for their area, where many other true heavy metal bands have faded away.
Their debut release, titled Subterranean Terror, hit the airwaves in August of 2016, and brought the band much more attention than anticipated. The release gives everyone a good taste of just the kind of off-the-wall thrash metal that the band can offer. Containing ten full tracks, the album presents many different tempos, time changes, and lead work, always keeping the listener on their toes.
Toxic Ruin is currently in the process of writing and recording their second full length album, which will surely be a heavy hitter if it's anything close to Subterranean Terror. The band can be seen live playing several live gigs per month. Be sure to catch them at the next show!
All Out Mutiny
All Out Mutiny
Groove Metal/Metalcore band from Wausau, Wisconsin, US. Formed in March of 2015.
Thin The Herd
Thin The Herd
A bunch of dudes that got bored doing karate in the garage and decided to play music instead.

Hometown - Kenosha
With aggressive drive and a bare-knuckle attitude, All Kings Fall combines groove and thrash to bring a savage energy to the stage.
We proudly stand by: LTD,Fender, BC Rich,D'addario strings, Dunlop,Mapex,Gibraltar,Meinl, Marshall, Laney and Dean pick
Late in 2011, Ryan Brumlic (ex-blind worm cycle) was looking to start a new project because of an old band fading out. A friend who played bass, Bobby Volm (ex-blind worm cycle), expressed interest. The music began to sound very progressive, but with a definite death metal basis. Ryan and Bobby sought out locally well known drummer Sean Smith (Atreus, ex-apollyon, ex-silence all) and by early 2012 a trio was born. Soon after, Apollyon, a well known band in the state had broken up, and prominent writer behind the music, Brandon Brown was available for a band. He soon joined Aronious. Early in March 2012, Zach Earley (ex-blind worm cycle), a young diverse and rhythmically excellent vocalist joined the ranks.

Having a strong passion for mature musicianship and beautiful technicality Aronious is eager to get their name into the scene. Ryan's insane guitar work and sick melodies, combined with Brandon's solid riffage skills and rhythm knowledge, Bobby's shreddy low end, Sean's insanely complex yet very sound and punishing drums and Zach's solid death metal screams make Aronious's future very promising.
Of the Earth was first conceived during the transition of Summer to Autumn in 2013, when Roger and Nathan once again crossed paths after years of being unaware if the other was even alive...
The idea was to create and forge a sound that was honest and representing the ideals and beliefs of the environment we were created in.
During the creation phase, the self produced Vol I: Demos from the Underground Sessions was made as a working and evolving idea.
After a change in the rhythm section, Eric was added on bass guitars bringing a new direction and feel to the groove, as well as Jake taking over drums to bring Of the Earth to a new realm of possibilities.
During the second week in December of 2016, OtE entered Rock Garden Studios in Appleton, WI to record their live EP "Vol II: Patient Zero".

The music is brutally honest for anyone with bruised hands and a blue collar; it is beautifully heavy for the ones holding a novel and a bottle of whiskey; the rhythms and strings and words belong around a bonfire as well as in the pit.

Original Hardcore Northern Rock

Venue Information:
Lyric Room
231 N Broadway
Green Bay, WI, 54303