Fri · April 26, 2019

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

$12.00 - $35.00

This event is 21 and over

Real American Music, Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Punk

Nashville, TN

The Real American Music Revolution

Hillbilly Casino believes in Real American Music. So much so, that they've begun their own one-band movement. They've managed to combine the American blues with hardwood Honky Tonk, Rock N’ Roll, Rockabilly, and topped it off with a healthy DIY Punk Rock attitude and work ethic.

With volumes of popular original songs, Hillbilly Casino makes Real American Music their own unique style while drawing their influences from legendary American artists, such as Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, The Blasters, Nick Curran and more.

After 10 years Hillbilly Casino is still going strong. Every member brings their own special flavor to the band. Barnstorming daredevil frontman, Nic Roulette, Bassist Geoff Firebaugh, aka "the Vanilla Gorilla", Guitarist Ronnie "Crutchero" Crutcher, and Mighty Matt Arnn on Drums. Each member is a master of their own craft, which brings together a recipe of what America is truly starving for: Real American Music!

Hillbilly Casino brings this a high performance energy X 10 to every recording and/or show. There is a REVOLUTION brewing America, and its time for a good ole fashion Tennessee Stomp. So crack open some Ole Glory, and taste America again for the first time!

HILLBILLY CASINO - Real American Music !
Garage rock & roll band from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Augie Barnhart
Roelke Barnhart
Matty Day

Madison, Wisconsin
Roots, Folk, Acoustic, Metal, Thrash, Black Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Jazz, Hillbilly, Pop, Ambient, Goth, some of this, some of that, & yadda, yadda, yadda... You get the idea 🙂

Band Members
I perform as a solo artist primarily & have also been a member of, sat in with & or recorded with many other bands & artists over the years

Port Orchard

I'm here to help, heal & inspire... And Music is one of my favorite vehicles for these things �����

I am a singer/songwriter/musician from Washington State, USA
I believe that the most powerful & universal languages in humanity are love & music...
I do what I do because I love it. My love for life & music empowers me & I have learned that what I do empowers others from time to time as well & this realization is invaluable in my opinion... It brings an inner wealth along with it that $ & material possessions can't even come close to comparing with...
My philosophy in a nutshell-
Life isn't about what happens to us. It's about how we react to it & we are the ones who make that choice as individuals(blaming other people & situations for a lack of happiness/fulfillment is a waste of time)... Life with all of it's complexity & mystery really comes down to the decision we make to focus on the positives or negatives in life. Attitude is everything. It creates our course of action & ultimately shapes our reality in life. Granted we are human & no one is perfect so, it isn't always easy but, this is the path to happiness should we choose to empower ourselves & choose the positives over the negatives. I take accountability for my own thoughts, actions & life & know that whether or not I am happy & fulfilled ultimately falls on me more than it does anyone else... Do you realize this in your life as it applies to you? What do you choose to harness & bring to fruition in life? The positive or the negative? Yes, life can be hard & things happen that are out of our control sometimes but, what we do with it once it happens is up to us... I choose the positive to the best of my ability & work daily to mold this into the life that I want... I hope you'll join me in doing the same if you haven't figured it out already...
I see so much negativity, complaining, bitching & shit talk here on FB & in everyday life that it pains my heart. I write this(& many of my songs) to cleanse myself from it all & hopefully remind/inspire some of you to do the same... I love all of you(No shit! Because we're ALL Brothers & Sisters!:-)) & hope you all have a wonderful day! If your days don't seem wonderful very often, remember that life is truly what we as individuals choose to make it & start doing what you need to do to change it... No outward pursuit, possession or other person can make YOU happy... Only YOU & I can do that for ourselves. We can share that happiness with one another & help it to grow but, true happiness & love come from within 🙂

I believe the biggest problem at the core of humanity is that not enough of us do what truly makes us happy in life... We don't follow our dreams & this leads to us not liking who we are & rather than taking accountability for this & or changing it, we blame everyone else around us... I truly believe that if we all did what we love to some capacity most of the problems in the world would remedy themselves... By being true to ourselves & loving who we are as individuals we also become much more accepting & loving to the world around us & all of it's inhabitants...

I was born in Everett, WA in December of 1973. My Mom was a hippie & Dad was a bit of a redneck. I feel that I have benefited greatly from the contrast between them as I have grown more & more into who I am. I'm old fashioned & polite in many ways but also quite progressive & radical in others. I have no use for the "isms" if you know what I mean & feel that intolerance should not be tolerated especially when involving said "isms". Basically, if you are a racist, a man or woman hater, homophobe, religious tyrant, etc, I have better things to do than deal with your ignorance. I am a proud parent to the coolest kid in the world. We are best friends & I love him with all of my heart. I am "happily single" at this point in my life & am in no hurry to be in an unhealthy relationship ever again. I have settled in the past & tried to make love work when I wasn't ready for love & this has resulted in eminent failure repeatedly on the relationship front. Knowing this, I don't blame myself or any of my former girlfriends for these failed relationships & know that love will happen when I am ready for it & happen to find a match to myself who is also ready for the same. As far as music goes, I put my heart & soul & life into it to the greatest degree possible & unapologetically so. I have nothing to hide in life & why should my music be any different? I believe that the best music & art to be found is honest, sincere, passionate & often times autobiographical & mine is no different. Some will enjoy what I do & others will not but I know for a fact that I what I do IS real & people who listen with open ears & heart should pick up on this... This honesty is what I am most proud of when it comes to my music & what I create/express with it. I started playing guitar in 1985-86 & have been in 30+ bands since starting my 1st one in 1987. I hope you'll check out some of the links & give a listen to them....
Thanks for reading this & have a great day!
Venue Information:
Lyric Room
231 N Broadway
Green Bay, WI, 54303